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Our roots, our history

Le Antiche Mura was born more than 10 years ago from the dream of our founder, Dr. Stefania Caparrini, who wanted to take her future into her own hands and create the products she wanted to find on the market. She opened her first laboratory in a small space in the center of Empoli, in Tuscany, and began to create custom products for many companies, specializing in the field of organic cosmetics. In these 10 years the small lab has blossomed into a company that has grown constantly, employing now over 15 people, most of them being women and young professionals, and developing more than 400 products for over 70 brands, with a range of proposals in continuous expansion.

Le Antiche Mura is a company that always looks ahead, but that’s also deeply is rooted in the values on which it was founded, such as commitment to the territory and the community, respect for workers and people, reduction of environmental impact and use of natural e sustainably sourced raw materials. The company is concretely committed to projects that support social cooperatives, organizations supporting women in need and oncological patients.

In 2019, Dr. Caparrini received, as owner of the company Le Antiche Mura, the prestigious “Woman Value Company”, award, given by the Marisa Bellisario Foundation in collaboration with Intesa San Paolo. This recognition attests to the company’s daily commitment to activating policies of inclusion, respect for gender equality, and encouragement of female professionalism. In the same year Dr. Caparrini was recognized as one of the “100 successful Italian women in 2019” according to Forbes. Find out more in the page They say about us.

The Marisa Bellisario Foundation

“The Bellisario Foundation values women who do not give up, who fight for their ideas and projects, who represent an opportunity for development for the country and cultural growth for society.”

The Bellisario Award has been established in 1989 to celebrate women who distinguish themselves in the profession, management, science, economics, social, culture and information, entertainment and sports, both nationally and internationally.

The prize is awarded through the famous “Golden Apple” which symbolizes excellence and femininity.