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Face and body wash

According to the demanded needs, we develop a wide range of cleansing products for face and body. Our products are designed for the specific treatment of all skin types according to innovative criteria that respect the skin’s natural physiological balance.
Face cleansing: cleansing milk, micellar water, mousses and cleansing oils.
Body cleaning: emulsion and gel cleansers such as body wash, shower gel, cleansing cream and cleansing milk.

Face and body scrub

We produce various kinds of scrubs with either chemical or mechanical action, for the face and the body. Our products are effective and yet respect skin physiology. Scrubs available as gel or emulsion, according to the area of application.

Face and body masks

We have plenty of know-how when it comes to the production of face and body masks. We can supply services of development, production and packaging for many types of masks, personalised and adapted to the client’s requests. Masks in gel, cream, powder, fabric, gomming, clay and much more.

Face tonic


We make face tonics that remove residues of cleansing milk and make-up remover, restoring the skin’s physiological pH. Face tonics available either as gel or water-based solution, with various functionalities.

Face and body creams

We develop each of our creams based on innovative technologies combined with a synergistic mixture of selected active principles. Each product studied in its intensity and texture is specific for different imperfections.
Face creams: moisturising, soothing, anti-age, day, night, 24 hours, sebum regulating, anti-pollution.
Body creams: adjuvants against imperfections caused by cellulite, firming, slimming, toning, moisturising, draining and anything else you can imagine.

Face serums

Crucial for face care, our serums are developed with highly concentrated ingredients that quickly penetrate the skin and intensify the action of creams, fluids and soins applied later. Lifting, regenerating and anti-age serums specific for the epidermis of all ages, available as gels, creams, oils, emulsions or butters.

Eye contour

We produce many types of products dedicated exclusively to the area around the eyes, which is delicate and very fragile. Eye contour products available as gels, creams, oils, butters or emulsions, with different functions.

Hand and foot cream

We produce a wide range of formulas that can respond to the specific needs of particular body parts, such as hands and feet. Moisturising, exfoliating, soothing, repairing, nourishing and many other kinds of products.